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Food Paring with Chicken and Beef 

When it comes to chicken, this incredibly versatile protein offers a wide range of delicious possibilities for wine pairings. If you’re enjoying a classic roasted or grilled chicken, reach for a dry, crisp white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s Marlborough region or a zesty Pinot Grigio from northern Italy. The bright, citrusy acidity in these wines helps cut through the richness of the wholesale chicken while complementing any herbal flavors. For dishes where the chicken takes on more robust, well-seasoned flavors from spices, marinades or a hearty sauce, a light to medium-bodied red like an Oregon Pinot Noir can be an excellent pairing. The earthiness and red fruit notes in the Pinot Noir merge seamlessly with the savory essence of the chicken.

Beef is the protein that boldred wines were seemingly made for. When indulging in a thick, juicy ribeye steak or a standing rib roast, look no further than a powerful, tannic Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux blend from France. The muscular tannins and intense dark fruit flavors in these age-worthy reds create a sublime harmony with the rich, beefy flavors of a premium cut of meat. If your beef preparation involves slow cooking methods like braising or stewing, opt instead for an equally robust but more rustic red like Côtes du Rhône from southern France or a Chianti Classico from Tuscany. These earthy, fruit-forward wines laced with notes of dried herbs and leather accentuate the deep, concentrated flavors that develop in the braising liquid.

For grilled or smoked beef dishes like brisket or tri-tip, your wine pairing would be well-served by a bold, smoky, peppery Zinfandel from California’s warm regions. The bramble fruit and spicy notes in these powerful Zinfandels provide an amazing bridge to the charred, caramelized notes from the grill or smoker. When dealing with ultra-tender, lean cuts like filet mignon, turn to a more elegant red like a village-level Burgundian Pinot Noir whose plush texture and brighter red fruit profile won’t overpower but will nicely complement the luxurious mouthfeel and delicate flavor of the beef.

No matter how you prepare beef and chicken, these proteins offer a blank canvas for exploring the vast world of wine styles and regions from crisp, minerally whites to lush, full-bodied reds and everything in between. The versatility creates an opportunity to experience delicious harmonies and find your own personal favorite pairings that elevate both the wine and the dish. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover what you love!

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